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Strawberries for Mom!


I have had strawberry beds in my backyard for three years now and every year my children love to help me care for them. The strawberry beds are by far their favorite part of the garden and I cherish the evenings I get to go with them and watch them explore and learn. This year Magnolia learned that strawberry leaves, though not the most pleasant, are edible! I created this garden to help my family live healthier lives and that doesn’t just mean eating, it means that my kids get to grow with the plants in my garden. 

I have two beds full of everbearing seascape strawberry plants. These plants will produce all through the season, from about May to October, and are by far one of the easiest fruits to grow! They do need full sun meaning a minimum of 6 hours of sun, but so do I! These two beds practically guarantee that my girls are out in the garden picking strawberries all spring and summer getting vitamin D from the sun and vitamin c and antioxidants from the berries. ...

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Why Pollinator Gardens

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2022

Why Pollinator Gardens?

I had a friend once who wanted to try container gardening, but she was nervous, so she started with just one tomato plant in a pot. She grew a beautiful plant that reached up a trellis and produced perfect flowers, but no tomatoes grew, and she wanted to know why. The reason was she never put her tomato plant outside; she grew an indoor tomato plant, so it was never pollinated by insects!

Most of our veggies and fruits need pollination to produce fruits (think green beans, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, okra, melons, strawberries etc.!). Think of it like birthing a baby… you need to fertilize the embryo to grow the baby! And unless you want to go out with a little brush or q-tip and pollinate them yourself (which some very particular growers do) I would recommend using nature as it was intended! That is why a pollinator garden is the perfect companion to your edible garden. 

So what is it exactly? A pollinator garden consists of flowering plants...

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Four Tips to Successful Germination


These four quick tips will improve your germination rates and you will become a better home gardener!

For local gardening services in the Louisville Kentucky area find us at

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Uncategorized Feb 04, 2022

The more you are familiar with your soil, the better. Assuming that you realize what sort of soil you have, you can settle on better choices concerning how to keep your garden and lawn healthy.

You might be wondering why is soil so important? Soil is significant for the various functions it gives plants, trees, animals, and humans. Soil gives support, nutrients, filtration, and protection in its multi-functions.


Soil Provides Growing Medium For Plants And Trees

Soil upholds a wide range of plant life in more than one way. From water, nutrients, and anchoring trees and plants, soil serves nature as its nurturer.


Root System Support

The soil offers root systems support. The soil gives away to the plant or tree to moor itself upstanding and stay vertical.


Soil Gives Roots With Nutrients And Minerals

The soil likewise gives plant life of all forms the required minerals and nutrients to grow, produce blossoms, seeds, and sometimes vegetables or fruits. The kind of...

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Potager Gardens - A Creative Use Of Your Backyard Space

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2022

Right from old times, that is, centuries ago, people had no other option but to be self-dependent in terms of food, vegetation, medicinal commodities. Around the mid 17th century, the idea of potager gardens was presented. People seemed to be interested in knowing what a potager garden is, how it is different from other patterns of gardening and why it is so widely preferred.

The entire reading is dedicated to every creative nature lover who also likes to mix work with pleasure!

 What is a Potager Garden?

Potager is a formal way of presenting a garden, more like a vegetable plot, and the feature that differentiates it from all other styles and patterns of gardening is that it’s very idea lies at the intersection of cultivation of edibles and aesthetic, ornamental beauty. It conveniently accommodates weed management, waste management, herbs, vegetation, and flowers in its spectrum.

Interestingly, the concept of potagers was dwelled upon so much that there were books...

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How an Ornate Garden Design can help you relax

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3 Reasons Home Gardens Fail

Beginning gardeners and experienced gardeners alike start off loving the idea of home gardens.  They value being engulfed in the sun, soil, seed, and plants. They love bringing the bounty to neighbors and to their own tables. Nurturing abundance in the garden and homegrown nutrition in their bodies.

Soon the weather gets hot, the bugs infest, and garden becomes like a jungle. The gardener becomes avoidant and soon abandons their work, and their desire to grow fresh produce. 

The 3 main reasons home gardens fail are these:

1) Overwhelm - when we feel confused we don't do anything. Questions like: When to amend soil, when to plant, when to water, and when to harvest, etc can cause many a mind to shut down. Our lives are full and other obligations take priority over our gardening desire. Having a local gardener to assist you is a rare treasure. Find one here!


2) Unmanageability - once the jungle sets in we are less likely inspired to tend to our gardens. Mowing...

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The first rule in raised bed gardens

Louisville friends! Do you want high-end raised bed gardens that can’t be found in stores? Use rough sawn eastern red cedar lumber in your designs!!
The sweet smell of cedar and its soft pinks & purples, reminds you of grandmas jewelry box! Feels like home right?
Fresh from the lumberyard, rot resistant, and insect repellent, will sure to beautify your garden and add structure.  Rough sawn because it will come in its full thickness for longer durability and brighter coloring.
Also, create a design that includes a benchtop seat on all sides of the bed. This reduces the amount of bending you do while keeping your body stable.
This design, quality, and color will elevate your garden experience and serve as an outdoor centerpiece.  Or as one client described, "a masterpiece."
Our home garden business specializes in manicured, raised bed gardens that thrive. 
Select from various bed sizes, garden designs, and...
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Home gardening creates resiliency among supply chain

When shit hits the fan you better call your farmer friends. Unfortunately, it is hitting the fan in a major way. The supply chain sector is getting its ass kicked with major import delays, transport delays, and agricultural delays which translates to grocery store stock reduction and inflated prices.
Who is growing your food?
What can you do as an individual to become more resilient, you say? You guessed it...
Grow your own vegetable garden from spring to winter with my help. Learn how to germinate seeds, create a vegetable garden layout, select a site, and install the right home garden for your family.
Let these times remind us of why the home garden was SO POWERFUL for prior generations. It was a staple. A lifestyle. It was food security.
Knowing how to plant a home garden, tend to it, harvest it, and replant every season is what my company can teach you, do for you, or do with you.
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What is the secret to having tomatoes in my fall salad garden?

What you may not know about home gardening could be keeping you from enjoying your precious vegetables well into fall!
Here is the secret to having ripe tomatoes for Fall Salad Gardens:
Depending on your climate (hardiness zone) you can have established tomato plants while your newly planted lettuces are just maturing! Google “hardiness zones” and type in your city or zip code. This gives you average frost date windows for your area.  This means that tomatoes can survive until your expected frost date!  Kentucky spans Three Hardiness Zones: 6a, 6b, and 7.
More simply Google “how many days are in my growing season!”  Louisville, KY has a 205 day growing window!! That means we can expect to be gardening from April thru October.  Plant a blend of tender and hardy salad greens to enjoy before winter freezes (usually December around here).
Even better news for those of you that...
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