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Edible Gardening is the New Black

inspiration shopping Nov 21, 2020

Step into joy among parenting, politics, pandemic, & now the holidays!

Plant seeds of inspiration this season with garden-inspired gifts.

Gifts that are:
Fruitful. Fun. Fascinating. Educational. Relaxing.

Sound valuable?

Browse our site. Give garden-inspired gifts. Let us build you a custom garden. Gift a garden consult. Take a class. Sponsor a garden.


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Composting 101 - Building Black Gold Soils

composting growing tips Nov 13, 2020

Black gold, soil, compost...whaaaat? 

What is Composting all about? 

In a nut shell, it's a process that breaks down natural materials at an accelerated rate that brings gold to the garden!  While compost isn't a fertilizer, it greatly reduces the need for one by improving soil fertility & structure.  It adds organic material to your garden, and inoculates the soil with microbial life!  I'm short-changing the benefit list.  For a more in-depth compost experience see our Winter Workshop Bundle!

So how does it work?  Composting uses a combination of microbes, water, air (oxygen), carbon (dead/brown materials), and nitrogen (living/green materials.)  When managed properly, the original ingredients will become unrecognizable upon completion.  

What are carbon examples?  Sticks, straw, saw dust, dried leaves, pine needles.

What are nitrogen examples?  Raw veggies scrapes, yard litter, grass clippings, flowers. ...

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The Garden Boutique

shopping Nov 10, 2020
Drumroll please...
Do you love gardens & boutiques?  I've created a shopping experience just for you.
A place where you'll find garden inspiration, energy, and style.
Introducing,  The Garden Boutique. 
Shop now for holiday gifts that don't disappoint.
"Nurturing plants brings the deepest satisfaction I've ever known and now I get to share that energy through apparel, home décor, and more."  Marlena Wolf, CEO
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Winter Strawberry Care

If you and your kids love strawberries as much as mine do, now is the time in Kentucky to prepare your strawberry plants for the winter ahead.
It's best to wait until you've had 3 frosts, or one freeze before renovations begin.  Renovation just means you are maintaining your strawberry beds and plants to maximize productivity year after year.
For June Bearing Strawberries -
For FIRST YEAR plants you'll want to cover them with straw in late fall - usually late November to mid December. Cover them fully to provide protection from extreme cold. This will act as insulation to help moderate the plants temperature.
For established strawberry plants, you would have mowed or clipped the plants back in summer after they quit producing berries, careful not to damage the crowns.  Then cover them with straw mulch in the fall as well.
For Everbearing or Day Neutral Strawberries -
These are typically classified as annuals and don't need...
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Humble Roots

inspiration Oct 30, 2019

Hi!  I’m Marlena Wolf, former farmer and owner of Girl Next Door Farm!  I am a sixth year farmer, inspired by a dream of self-sufficiency, health and environmental advocacy, and a lifestyle similar to many an ancestor.  I was born and raised in the suburbs of Louisville, Kentucky.  But I do have some agricultural roots… My father grew up on a 2100 acre farm with his parents, and grandparents in French Lick, Indiana.  My mama grew up in St. Matthews and Jeffersontown, Kentucky.

My great grandparents, Goldie and William Bolin owned the Castle Knoll Farm in French Lick, Indiana; Orange County.  It was a dairy and hog operation with some row crops.  William’s parents, Philomena and Bennett Bolin, my great great grandparents, farmed out in Brooks, Kentucky; Bullitt County.  Actually, Philomena and her many children ran the farm operation, while Ben worked in a Louisville factory after his military...

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