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Planting Plans for Beginners

I love your ambition. You are a go-getter! But just because the Derby horses are running in Kentucky doesn't mean you have to rush to plant your home garden. 

A common mistake beginning gardeners make is planting without planning. This isn't you, is it?

You know how much space you have, you bought a ton of seeds and plants, and now the weather is right but, what now?

Here are some helpful tips on creating a Planting Plans:

First, get an idea as to how much space your plants need, especially if your garden area is small. If you have unlimited space you may place your plants further apart and add in more aisle space.

Grab some graph paper, create a veggie key, and sketch out your bed dimensions. Start penciling in your plant selections by size.

Here is a good rule of thumb... 

Nine to 16 small-sized plants like radish, carrots, and lettuces can be packed into a square foot.

Four to six medium-sized plants like garlic, Swiss chard, beets, and cilantro can fit into a...

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Overcoming the Overwhelm Kara Mills' Journey

Our vision at Edible Gardens Inc. is to inspire edible gardens for every space. We work to achieve that mission everyday by helping home gardeners wherever they are at in their journeys! We will install a garden from scratch or help you better care for the garden you have through classes and mentorship or give you the tools to DIY your own garden! 

We know from personal experience and scientific evidence that gardening provides substantial benefits to human health. A recent study in 2017 showed that home gardening is linked to better social, and emotional health in young children as well as reduction in behavioral difficulties (Richardson et al., 2017). Another study showed the connection between home vegetable gardening and reductions in depression, stress and an increase in ability to handle stress, overall it increased the physical and mental well-being of adults (Machida, 2019Peeters et al., 2014). Having a garden in your own yard creates a space for you to connect...

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5 Tips to Give Your Home Garden a Makeover

Spring is in the air and the creativity is budding like the trees around us. If you couldn’t tell we LOVE spring it's a time of new growth and fresh new gardens! We have been busy creating new gardens and revitalizing old ones and we wanted to share some of our favorite ways to give your garden a springtime makeover! 

Nothing feels better than right after a spring clean when the house is fresh and the stale air of winter is replaced by the warm breeze and the same goes for your garden. So here are some tips for making your garden feel new again and exciting so that you can get back into the routine of gardening!


Tip Number 1: First take some time to clean up your garden beds and paths if there are any dead leaves or fallen branches get those out and into your compost if you have it. Next it’s time to restore those raised beds. A good sanding and some wood sealant can go a long way in making your beds bright and inviting again, it also increases the longevity...

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How an Ornate Garden Design can help you relax

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3 Reasons Home Gardens Fail

Beginning gardeners and experienced gardeners alike start off loving the idea of home gardens.  They value being engulfed in the sun, soil, seed, and plants. They love bringing the bounty to neighbors and to their own tables. Nurturing abundance in the garden and homegrown nutrition in their bodies.

Soon the weather gets hot, the bugs infest, and garden becomes like a jungle. The gardener becomes avoidant and soon abandons their work, and their desire to grow fresh produce. 

The 3 main reasons home gardens fail are these:

1) Overwhelm - when we feel confused we don't do anything. Questions like: When to amend soil, when to plant, when to water, and when to harvest, etc can cause many a mind to shut down. Our lives are full and other obligations take priority over our gardening desire. Having a local gardener to assist you is a rare treasure. Find one here!


2) Unmanageability - once the jungle sets in we are less likely inspired to tend to our gardens. Mowing...

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Kentucky Garden Layout made easy

Is creating a planting layout a challenge for you?  
If so, I want to offer you my most precious tool = planting by size of the plant, & it’s duration in the ground.   
This Interplanting idea has made planting so much easier, prettier, & practical for me.  
It utilizes all the space without overcrowding.  It adds biodiversity to the garden’s ecosystem.  It doesn’t deplete any one nutrient from the soil.  It doesn’t attract all the pests all at once.  
Interplanting this way has been a game changer for my clients and myself.  
If you want your vegetable garden to have a diversity of colors, textures, and sizes, follow this philosophy!
If you’d like more personal help, you can join our local Garden Party series or sign up for a local or virtual consultation!
We can help you transition your existing garden, or start fresh!  We love...
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