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Hi there!

My name is Marlena Wolf.  I am the founder and CEO of Guidance for Growers Consulting, LLC.  And gardening did not come natural to me!

I never had a garden growing up so learning how to grow fruits, veggies, and herbs took me some time.  Like years.  I fled corporate America as a young woman due to reoccurring health issues, and took an apprenticeship on an organic vegetable farm. 

I know, I'm extreme. After the first month, I feared I had made the worst decision of my life!  I jumped out on faith & conviction that I could improve my health, if only I could change the food system.  Well that was enough.  I feel in love with horticulture and never looked back.

Two years later, I started Girl Next Door Farm at age 28.  We were on a 22 acre farm just outside of Louisville, Kentucky.  It was my very first entrepreneurial endeavor and I LOVED it.  And hey, growing edible plants is fun, fascinating, and...

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Freedom & Fascination

consulting inspiration Nov 24, 2020
To the women that want to enjoy the fruitfulness of a garden, fresh food as a lifestyle, and an image of being a green thumb, this is for you.
Start where you are. Nurture the part of you that desires this lifestyle. Don’t let past disappointments intimidate you. Don’t let your skeptical husband deter you.
The freedom, fruitfulness, & fascination is not to be forgotten. Let these moments of pure joy and fulfillment fill your memory.
Let yesterday’s nostalgia align with today’s decisions. There is much to be gained from traditional wisdom, energized education, and inspired action.
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