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Cool Season Planting: The basics


The cool season is just around the corner, and you can start getting your garden ready with these basics! It is time for lettuces, beets, swiss chard, cabbage, dill, and more!

To prepare you need to prune, clear, prep the soil, and pick your plants. Very soon we plan to release a Free Fall Challenge to walk you step by step through growing a fall garden so in this blog I just want to go over the basics.


Your summer garden should be winding down, plants will produce less, and be producing smaller fruit. The plants that are still producing can be pruned back to encourage the plant to put out their last fruit. Any dead or yellowing foliage can be cut away and put in your compost.


Clear away any dead or dying plants and any debris that may have built up in your garden. You want to clear as much soil space as you can in your beds for the new planting, but leave anything still producing, and give your garden a fresh start. 

Prep the Soil

Between growing seasons,...

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Overcoming the Overwhelm Kara Mills' Journey

Our vision at Edible Gardens Inc. is to inspire edible gardens for every space. We work to achieve that mission everyday by helping home gardeners wherever they are at in their journeys! We will install a garden from scratch or help you better care for the garden you have through classes and mentorship or give you the tools to DIY your own garden! 

We know from personal experience and scientific evidence that gardening provides substantial benefits to human health. A recent study in 2017 showed that home gardening is linked to better social, and emotional health in young children as well as reduction in behavioral difficulties (Richardson et al., 2017). Another study showed the connection between home vegetable gardening and reductions in depression, stress and an increase in ability to handle stress, overall it increased the physical and mental well-being of adults (Machida, 2019Peeters et al., 2014). Having a garden in your own yard creates a space for you to connect...

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Home gardening creates resiliency among supply chain

When shit hits the fan you better call your farmer friends. Unfortunately, it is hitting the fan in a major way. The supply chain sector is getting its ass kicked with major import delays, transport delays, and agricultural delays which translates to grocery store stock reduction and inflated prices.
Who is growing your food?
What can you do as an individual to become more resilient, you say? You guessed it...
Grow your own vegetable garden from spring to winter with my help. Learn how to germinate seeds, create a vegetable garden layout, select a site, and install the right home garden for your family.
Let these times remind us of why the home garden was SO POWERFUL for prior generations. It was a staple. A lifestyle. It was food security.
Knowing how to plant a home garden, tend to it, harvest it, and replant every season is what my company can teach you, do for you, or do with you.
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Summer Planting for Fall Gardens in KY

It's July in Kentucky and hard to think of fall when the summer temperatures are so hot, and the spring planting frenzy feels like its just over.   However, it is time to start sowing seeds and and thinking about where your fall plants will be tucked into the garden.   Think: carrots, beets, broccoli, cabbage, swiss chard, kales, and many other of your favorite fall fares. The smaller, faster growing greens like radishes, lettuces, spinach, etc will come later.

So where do we start?  First of all, let's just say that there is still time to sneak in a few last minute summer plantings.  Cucumbers, squashes, & green beans can all stand to be directly sown into the hot soil and will mature safely before threat of frost in late October.  

Now let's familiarize ourselves with three plant families: Chenopods, Umbelliferous, and Brassicas.  For edible plants, the Chenopod Family contains beets, swiss chard, and spinach.  July &...

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Monday Make-Over: Edible Gardens of Louisville

It all starts with a vision, and a consultation. 

Welcome to Kara and Stella’s front yard edible garden!

Kara wanted to garden for years, and especially now that her four year old is interested.  After touring Kara’s heavily wooded property, we decided that the front yard had the best sun, proximity to water, and to the kitchen window.  

Our designs consider not only the space, but the gardener's experience level too.  Her space could have accommodated several beds but as a beginner, we decided to start small. 

Kara ordered two red cedar raised beds sized 8x4x1.  We removed the Pachysandra ground cover, leveled the area, added pea gravel, and flag stone.  We trenched in the black edging and topped the beds with soil, plants, and trellises.  And wowza!  I will say it looks fantastic and I love love love that is in her front yard!  

These beds will be used by the whole family.  Stella, Kara's daughter,...

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