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Monday Make-Over: Edible Gardens of Louisville

It all starts with a vision, and a consultation. 

Welcome to Kara and Stella’s front yard edible garden!

Kara wanted to garden for years, and especially now that her four year old is interested.  After touring Kara’s heavily wooded property, we decided that the front yard had the best sun, proximity to water, and to the kitchen window.  

Our designs consider not only the space, but the gardener's experience level too.  Her space could have accommodated several beds but as a beginner, we decided to start small. 

Kara ordered two red cedar raised beds sized 8x4x1.  We removed the Pachysandra ground cover, leveled the area, added pea gravel, and flag stone.  We trenched in the black edging and topped the beds with soil, plants, and trellises.  And wowza!  I will say it looks fantastic and I love love love that is in her front yard!  

These beds will be used by the whole family.  Stella, Kara's daughter, is a natural.  To sit back and watch this mother and daughter work together in the garden, cutting their own lettuce, and tending the soil was really special.  I cannot think of a better way for kids to spend their time honestly.   We bond, discover, learn, and eat well - together.

These beds come in several sizes.  We use larger beds for our more ornate vegetable designs, and smaller beds for herbs & pollinator gardens, strawberry patches, salad gardens, salsa gardens, pumpkin pie patches... you name it!  Curious?   We would love to show you!!

If you want to know more about how we may help you, please reach out!  Call us on our local line at 502-550-4109 or email [email protected].  We would love to tell you about our process and BOOK an onsite consultation to see your potential garden space.

Join our several other Louisville ladies in growing gorgeous gardens. We here at Guidance For Growers want to help you get started, maintain, and have continued harvests throughout our growing season.   Invest in your garden consultation today!


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