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What It’s Like To Work As A Garden Consultant

There are thousands of people in the world who are interested in gardening but don’t have the knowledge or skills required to build a garden. If you want to start your own garden, you need to find someone in your own community who is willing to teach and guide you through the steps of proper gardening. This is where a garden consultant comes in.

Garden consulting is a new type of work; it is not something you may come across every day, like a doctor, lawyer, or hairstylist. You may be curious about what it takes to become a garden coach or the services they offer. Here is a short guide to help you understand who a garden consultant really is.

What is a Garden Consultant?

A Garden Consultant is much like a gardening mentor. They provide advice and tips to beginners based on their growing location and garden setup. A garden consultant can also be a garden designer or landscaper, but what sets them apart is their approach to certain problems. When you ask your consultant to help with a problem, they look at things from a different perspective and ask different questions to help resolve that particular issue. When you hire a professional for a garden consultation, the main focus is on your gardening issue rather than your garden. When necessary, a garden consultant will look at your whole garden or vegetable garden layout.

Services Offered by Garden Consultants

  • Offer general garden advice
  • Garden survey and assessment
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Training
  • Garden tours or guides
  • Project management
  • Garden design
  • Research

Who Needs a Garden Consultant?

When you plan to start your garden, you need to hire a consultant to get a clear vision of what you want your garden to look like. Here are a few reasons why you need a consultant.

  • If you own a large piece of land or a large yard, you need to hire a coach to guide you through proper and timely management of the land to help you save time, effort, and money.
  • You need a coach to help you restore a garden of character or historical interest
  • To teach you how to start and maintain your garden. A garden consultant has the knowledge and experience to help you successfully build your garden.
  • For proper guidance when you start growing vegetables
  • For opinions and ideas on garden issues
  • To identify invasive specie
  • You can hire a coach to plan a garden event.



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