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How to Germinate Seeds?

gardening courses Nov 18, 2022

The first step in gardening is the germination of seeds. Many might be hearing of seed germination, but only a few know the meaning of seed germination. 

Before we go into how to Germinate seeds, let's first go into what seed germination is.

Seed germination is the process of growing seeds into plants. In gardening, seed germination is the process of taking seeds into a sprout. Below is a planting guide on how to Germinate seeds.

You need to prepare the soil

The first step to take when you want to germinate is to prepare the soil to revive the seed. This means the soil should be tilled appropriately and loose to enable the seedling to establish a root system as the seed emerges quickly. After putting the seed into the soil, you will have to amend your soil to ensure the seedling gets all the nutrients needed for it to thrive well.

Adding water

Ensure the soil is moist and not soaked because moist soil softens the seeds and promotes germination. A lot of seed starting kits offer lead which is used to trap the moisture inside the container.

Water is essential in seed germination because it provides necessary hydration for the vital activities of the protoplasm. Which provides dissolved oxygen for the growing embryo, softens the seed coats, and water increases the seed permeability.

Keep the seed warm

Seeds need a warm environment to enable them to germinate properly. This perfect equation enables the seed to sprout when the environment is warm, and the soil is moist. It will also be helpful if you know the sun requirement for any particular plant you are trying to grow, and you have to ensure the garden bed is at a location that matches the requirements. 

Don't Plant Deep

People who venture into gardening news are considered amateurs because of their little knowledge. The most common mistake they make is planting the seed too deep.

You might be wondering why it is not advisable to plant the seed deep. This is because planting the seed too deep leads to failed germination and weakens the seedlings.

Most gardeners plant deep to prevent pests from destroying the early shot. Seed packs come with instructions on how to plant seeds. Smaller seeds can be planted closer to the surface, while bigger ones can go deeper. So you'll have to consider the size of the seeds first.


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