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Home gardens ease food shortage concerns

As a former Kentucky farmer, I take it seriously when friends DM me about food shortages happening in their area.
And I’m embarrassed to say, that I’ve lost touch with the reason I started growing food in the first place.  You may be familiar with it's romantic appeal.  It swept me away a long time ago.
I started growing food to make a difference in my community.
To provide quality food choices in my area, and in my home.
To contribute to local food production for local food security.
Like many, I feel in love with the art & craft of edible gardening and left the problem behind me.  
And now with the supply chains breaking down due to labor shortages, COVID-19, shut downs, etc - the problem is front and center again.
Everyone is beginning to feel the strain and frustration of unavailable products and services.
Some communities have been experiencing this lack for decades.  In other areas, the scarcity on grocery shelves is shocking.
I’m not actively farming food “to scale” anymore, but I’m still gardening my ass off - spring through late fall.   And I can help you garden, too.
Growing your own fresh produce in a side yard garden is a small action you can take to empower your family.  Even if you identify as a "brown-thumb" our services can help you have more wins.    
If you have some space you’d like to dedicate to a fall & winter garden, there is still time.  Think salad greens, spinach, radishes, garlic, & kales.
We can work together to learn, plan, act, and move you toward becoming a garden guru like me.  
Check out our 2022 KY Gardening Calendar.   It is a tool for Kentuckians to feel more food secure amidst uncertainty.  It offers month-to-month planting dates and classifies plants by size & duration to maturity.  The info is easily applied for busy families that want to be more self-sufficient.  Contact me for bulk pricing.
To grab a seat in our DIY Edible Gardening Academy, sign-up for email subscriptions, or for free educational content please email me at [email protected] or go online at
If you'd like more personalized guidance we can schedule an on-site consultation together.  This usually takes an hour and includes a soil test and one layout design.  For more details click here.
ANYTIME is a good time to learn to garden, especially right NOW.

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