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Fall Garden Planning

I love this time of year!  It's hot, plants are flourishing, and seasonal changes are upon us.  We just started our Fall garden planning, planting & even some raised bed building!
August is the month to begin transitioning summer plants to fall plants. You’ll start to notice plant productivity begin to slow down. Those plants will eventually be removed to make space for your soon-to-be fall garden plants.  I like to cut the plants at their base to remove the stem and foliage, leaving the root system for the worms and microbial life to nibble on.  
Once you select a location, or make space, you may begin to sow fall carrots & beet seeds directly into the garden.   You may also transplant fall lettuces and brassica (broccoli, cabbages, cauliflower) plants now through early September.  You may try seeding radishes, spinach, and baby salad greens now as well.  It may be too hot yet, so reseeding may be necessary.  If you have plenty of space, you may reseed every 3 weeks for a continual harvest through fall.  
Carrots can be persnickety so be sure to keep the soil moist so their tiny sprouts can emerge with ease.   Continue to water summer plantings deeply at the root so they can drink from the reserve all day.
Lastly, be sure to fertilize new plantings, water them in well, and take lots of garden selfies for us all to see!   Post them at at or

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