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Home Gardening Expertise ...and How Edible Gardens Inc. can Help

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2024

     Have you or your spouse always dreamed of having a home garden but maybe the time wasn't right? Maybe the kids were too young, the set-up was too daunting, or time felt too restricted?

    Perhaps 2024 is your season. Taking time for ourselves, in our hearts and homes, requires removing something from our plate. Literally or emotionally we get to decide when its time to nurture our dream. One plant at a time:)

    I'm Marlena Wolf, owner of Edible Gardens Inc. est 2019. My job and purpose in life is to help you learn how to grow food, successfully. Why do I care? It's my lifelong obsession.

    It started in 2005 with poor health. It quickly advanced to research on modern food systems and how they correlate with chronic illness in the Western diet. I'm seeing holistic medicine doctors because "modern medicine" failed me. In 2007, I'm volunteering on local farms and joining local food advocacy organizations. Lobbying in Frankfort to my representatives re: Farm Bills and shit.

    In 2009, I fled Corporate America to take an organic farm apprenticeship to go full native. Now was in it. I was after intel on how food is medicine. I needed to learn about the miracle of soil health, to plant health, to human health. And I did. My health improved. My life changed.

    From 2011-2015, I owned and operated Girl Next Door Farm business where I grew, marketed, and sold $30k per acre of fruits, veggies, herbs, and flowers in Oldham County, KY.

    Along the way, I grew quite affectionate toward good land stewardship, food production for self-sufficiency, gardening for good health, and the joy of eating well.

   In 2019, I founded Edible Gardens Inc to support the home gardener. I've taken years of experience and knowledge and created services and products for backyard growers in the Louisville, KY area. We provide garden mentorship, garden design, planting plans, raised bed construction, and Turn Key Garden Installation. Please reach out to me asap if you would like to discuss where you are in your home garden planning. 

    Much love to new & beginning gardeners and the OG's! Thanks for letting us serve you!


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