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5 Garden Gift Basket Ideas for You

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2022

I don't know about you, but I'm always searching for a way to extend my joy for home gardening into the off-season. So what can we do with the end-of-season harvests? I've found that most people enjoy consumable gifts!

So here are 5 Gift Ideas you can pull together to create a killer Garden Gift Basket!

1) Seeds! If you let your plants go to seed this year, try packing them in tiny ziplocks (from a craft store) and giving to a friend! It's okay if you didn't. If you need to shop for seeds go HERE!

2) Herbs! Everyone loves dried herbs in the pantry! If yours haven't froze yet - clip some stems and bring in to hang dry. Or if you have some that is completely dry you are in luck. Go ahead and crumble them off the stem into a mason jar. Pack them tight! Tie a red bow around the jar just below the lid. Viola! Super cute gift.

3) Herb Wreaths! I like using garden sage, rosemary or thyme the best! Use what you still have alive in the garden. Lots of herbs are cold tolerant so you'd be surprised on what you can find this time of year. Clip stems toward the base of the plant to maximize strand size. You may always trim later. Arrange cuts to form a circle. Depending on your wreath size, find 6 or so places to affix together using twist ties, twine, or rubber band (cut or whole). I have hidden by ties or made them visible depending on the material. Once securely held in place, you may decorate or hang as is. Pretty and aromatic for the front foyer!

4) Pickles and Jams! Hopefully this season you were adventurous with your harvests and experimented with food processing. Maybe you tried pickles, apple butter, or strawberry jam! Homemade, garden-fresh condiments are sure to warm the hearts of family. Grab a few jars from your cellar or pantry and bundle into your basket. Be sure to label them and wrap with a red bow!

5) Baked bread and spiced nuts! If you really want to impress your guests, try your hand at baking breads. Use your gardens herbs where possible. A fresh loaf of bread can be frozen or eaten right away. Try dipping it into an herbed butter or olive oil. I'm a sucker for sour dough, myself. Why nuts? Well, not everyone eats bread.. I like to blend and bake my favorite nuts into its own recipe. You may use: dried herbs, butter, hot sauce, agave (or brown sugar), and salt n pepper. Stir together in a bowl then pour over the nut mix. Place single layer on a greased cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 10 minutes. Stir once. Allow to cool before packing into jars!

I LOVE Gift Baskets full of farm & garden goodies! It's my weakness haha.

Last thoughts, you may also include our local 2023 Home Gardening Calendar to add depth and color to any gift basket. These were built for Home Gardeners that want inspiration, seasonal wisdom, and help with timing. There are several Kentucky Gardens featured in this publication that don't disappoint. This is a MUST have for "the garden obsessed" like me.

Finally, if food isn't your thing perhaps you will consider our Hand-Crafted Cedar Bench. This beauty is stylish, comfortable, and stunning. The eastern red cedar lumber is rot-resistant which will last in your garden for years to come. Learn more HERE!


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