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Private Gardening Club PAID IN FULL with BONUSES

Let's talk Bonuses first:

  • Receive 10 non-gmo Seed Packets
  • Save $$$ for the season!

Our In-person Club will help you to: 

Convert your green space and design the right garden for your situation.

Use fertilizers, compost, and amendments to properly nurture healthy soils and healthy plants.

Create a Planting Plan using Interplanting and Square Foot Gardening methods. 

Manage your garden effectively through three seasons.

AND You will feel confident and prepared for the 'seasonal rhythms' ahead!

EIGHT Monthly Meet-ups, March - October on Wednesday nights with local Garden expert, Marlena Wolf.

2024 Dates:

Kick off - March 13th at 7:00pm EST

April 3rd at 7pm EST

May 1st at 7pm EST

June 5th 7pm EST

July 3rd 7pm EST

August 7th 7pm EST

September 4th 7pm EST

October 2nd 7pm EST


Membership to our Private Garden Club platform & planning portal where we house community discussions, ask questions, share wins, and access our member directory. 


  • Gardening Philosophies
  • Considerations
  • The Dirt on Soils
  • Layouts & Installation
  • Container Gardening
  • In-ground Gardening
  • Raised Bed Gardening
  • Seed Starting
  • Direct Seeding & Transplants
  • Major Crop Families
  • Cool Season Care
  • Warm Season Care
  • Plant rotation & placement
  • Interplanting
  • Fertilizers & Nutrition
  • Compost, mulch, & cover crops
  • Soil Amending
  • Pest & Disease Management
  • And more!
  • Layouts
  • Plant Rotations
  • Management & Maintenance
  • Myths, Facts, & Q&As
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Seasonal Rhythms
  • Fall Planting & Soil Basics
  • Composting & Soil Building
  • Medicinal Herbs
  • Pickling with friends
  • Pests, Cloth Covers, and Cover Crops
  • Garlic 101
  • 10 Signature Secrets to Beautifying an Edible Garden
  • Garlic 101 Guide
  • Fruits, Veggies, and Herbs 101
  • Summer Survival Kit
  • Farm Meditation

Edible Gardens Inc. LLC guarantees our training 100%.

Purchase the course, take the training and if you aren't satisfied that the content can help you set up a successful garden, get 100% of your investment back in 30 days.

What People Are Saying:

So far it's been 100% worthwhile. Not only has the education been invaluable but the physical support Marlena has offered me has been vital to my success this year. I'm eager for the return on my investment! It will be nutritious and delicious and will give back to me and my family for years and years to come. I'm more ambitious than I've ever been and eager to continue learning from Marlena in upcoming programs.

Leiah G

I am so proud of myself. Lol. I really have enjoyed the experience as a whole, and seeing what everyone is doing! Our communication back and forth helps me stay motivated to keep going. That's what I need the most, motivation.

Jennifer F

I have to tell you how grateful I am for you and this group! I’m doing things/learning things that I have always dreamed of learning one day, but just hadn’t or didn’t know where to start. It also has really helped switch my focus from the craziness going on. It feels REALLY nice!

Dodie W

I wanted to learn how to start a garden and joined specifically so the information received would be relevant to the area i live in. I have gained a first time garden... without the program and investment, i likely would have given up.

Liz F