Home Gardening Club


Let us help you grow an abundant home garden.

Private Gardening Club

Let us help you grow an abundant home garden.

Home Garden Club In-Person

8 Month Program - 1st Wednesday of Month 7pm-9pm

  • Monthly Meet-ups at a Private East End Garden with 8 Raised Beds
  • We'll follow a (loose) Curriculum to stay on track with the Kentucky's Seasons
  • Outdoor Classroom Instruction for Q&A's
  • Hands-on Garden Application for all
  • You will learn in a small community of other gardeners led by horticultural expert, Marlena Wolf.¬†

    The Club Includes:

    • Direct Mentorship from a Professional Gardener
    • We work together to create personalized Planting Plans¬†for your Home Garden
    • Class topics may include: How to Start a Garden, Edible plant families, timing, layout design, seed starting, management, plant support through trellising, nutrients, soil fertilization, seasonal transitions, fall garlic, winter cover crops, & food preservation.

    • Hands-on activities may include: plant propagation, soil preparation, soil cultivation, planting, tending, watering, harvesting, seasonal transitions, clean up, etc.


     In this program, you will gain the confidence and seasonal understanding of how to manage a home vegetable garden. You'll have many gains, a few losses, and a new fascination toward the joy of growing plants for food. You'll also find the importance that our ancestors knew to be true - gardening wisdom is freedom. It's self-sufficiency. It's self-care. I hope to see you on the inside!

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Special BONUS Includes =

Online Garden Academy

  • You receive 24/7 access to our Online Educational Modules

  • Receive Free App usable on¬†mobile device or a web login

  • Learn at your own pace and review as often as you like


  • Main Topics Include:

    • How to Start a Garden - based on site considerations and your needs
    • How to design a Planting Plan for each season to maximize your productivity
    • How to build healthy soils¬†through organic amendments, fertilizers, and cover crops
    • Best practices on How to¬†Start Seeds in the garden or using indoor set ups
    • Identify Crop Families and Characteristics
    • How to nurture, water, trouble shoot, and maintain healthy plants through the growing season.
    • Identifying Plant life cycles: when to plant, when to harvest, and when to remove old plants.¬†
    • Garlic 101 Guide
    • Fruits, Veggies, and Herbs 101
    • Summer Survival Guide
    • Free App + EBook

Workshop Bundle


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Individual Workshop

$50 ea

Pay As You Go


What Students are Saying 

"I wanted to learn from an expert and have gained so much valuable information. Marlena’s teaching style is very hands-on & personable."

- Andrea M-W

"Our communication back and forth helps me stay motivated to keep going. That's what I need the most, motivation."

Jennifer F
"I’m doing and learning things that I've always dreamed of but didn’t know where to start. It feels REALLY nice!"
- Dodie W

What Students are saying

"I grow almost year round now and always have extra to share!"

-Linda S

"Without the program and investment, I likely would have given up on my new garden."

- Liz F

"I'm more eager than ever. The program has been 100% worthwhile."

- Leiah G

About Your Instructor

Marlena Wolf is a UofL graduate, farm owner & operator, garden coach, consultant, author, mother, and entrepreneur.  She fled Corporate America in 2009, took an apprenticeship on an organic vegetable farm and never looked back. She grew over 30 varieties of fresh produce for her community through small-scale agriculture. She gained 12 years of field experience, is a Certified Gardenary Coach, and has been a featured speaker on academic stages to discuss food production.

The love, challenge, and practice of growing edible plants brings about the joy of living. You'll find sense of pride, duty, freedom, introspective and personal transformation. This is what she wants to share with you. And she promises you'll have a bit of fun along the way!

Now more than ever is the time to take gardening more to heart. With so much overdependence on supermarkets and collapsing economies - the time has come again to be self-sufficient. Our garden club is a step into that very important direction.